About our organisation »Zuckermark e.V.« (English)

Our non-profit organisation promotes a kindergarden, a primary school and a youth art school in the village Wallmow in the Northeast of Uckermark near the border of Poland. Zuckermark e.V. exists since 1995 and developed out of a parent’s initiative. We aim at a child-centered education which supports and promotes creative and analytic thinking, feeling, decision making, judgement and responsible action.

The promotion of artistic and cultural training as a lifelong process within all age groups is an important objective. Since 1999 we are the executing agency of the »village school« in Wallmow which consists of a small, officially recognized primary school and a kindergarden. At the moment we take care of about 80 children aged between 1 and 12 years. The basis of our work is an alternative pedagogical concept which aims at an education for sustainable development.

Further on, the executing agency is responsible of the German Polish youth exchange programme and of the youth art school. In kindergarten we enable young people to absolve a voluntary ecological year.

To date the association has 85 members. Parents whose child is enrolled in our school and kindergarden have to become members of the association. Parents are integrated into daily school life by parent’s activities. The association has 21 permanent employees, teachers, educationists, project activists, administrative staff as well as freelancers in artistic subjects. To date the association is represented by a board of 5 persons. Decisions are taken by means of consents of all team representatives and members who regularly and actively participate in meetings.